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The 2020 Democratic primary will be unprecedented. The field is likely to be the


The 2020 Democratic primary will be unprecedented. The field is likely to be the largest in history, there’s no front runner in sight, and the stakes could hardly be higher. It’s not just that many #Democrats argue Donald #Trump is a threat to American democracy. The party’s very identity is up for grabs, as a vast and historically diverse crop of candidates brings big, new ideas to a demanding, divided base. “The Democratic Party is going through a very large transformation,” says party operative Simon Rosenberg, who’s backed the winning candidate in every primary since 1988 but has no favorite this time. “The era of Clinton and Obama is ending and ceding to a new set of dynamics. A new Democratic Party is being forged in front of our eyes.” Read this week’s full cover story at the link in bio. Illustration by @obrienillustration for TIME; animation by @brobeldesign




  1. Yes all sounds great!!!! Until Trump all promises were never kept. And where do you think they are going to acquire all this money to give away? You’ll be lucky if you have $50 left in your paycheck if the Democrats have their way. Wake up before they take it all on you

  2. Keep up with your bias @time ,you’ll be “left” behind, get it? But seriously you’re liberal garbage. Democrats continue to be on the decline, it’s beautiful. Trump didn’t happen by accident, and he’s not going anywhere 👍

  3. @_marco_g_v, I can also say I’m God. You gonna just believe that, too? Sanders is as much of a Socialist as Hitler was a lover of Jewish people. Maybe look up a politicians positions and voting paterns versus an ideology before spouting off baseless claims.

  4. @omenaalberto so uhm, the wall has been erected in many places by multiple different presidents and most of the democrats opposing it now were for it before Trump. So I think you should make a better argument, because even though other places do not have complete physical barriers, there are border patrol. Go try to wander on into Canada, you will be stopped. Continue to try? You will be apprehended or shot in the process. It’s simple security to help prevent a mass flood of people into a country. Now that I’ve made my piece, why do you believe the wall is facist? Also, what is your opinion on all the Americans who are homeless? Do they not deserve our support first? I’m not trying to get in your business here, but seeing as how this concerns all of us, I think you need to explain further than just saying it is facist. That’s such a broad term now, it’s thrown around more than a cowboy on a bull. I want you true factual reasoning, not a one word answer that everyone uses as a scapegoat to forgo telling the actual truth of the matter.